Quick! Check Your Phone!

I went to a conference yesterday, and one of the presenters gave his phone number and added the number spelled FOX BUSY. The presenter added that, when he was at work, he wasn’t just busy — he was fox busy.

I immediately checked my own phone numbers for some fun word — I’m tired of reciting only numbers. Turns out, my phone numbers don’t spell anything fun. The number 1 doesn’t correspond to a letter, and I have too many 1s in my phone numbers.


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2 Responses to Quick! Check Your Phone!

  1. Meredith says:

    0’s don’t help any either. I am nothing intelligible either. Rats. Oh well, I’m sure Mr. FOX BUSY is not a ZEALOT RUN AJAR. 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    So, during church today after my brain tired of listening to the hour and a half-long sermon in Spanish my mind drifted to your challenge…here’s what I came up with:
    BOO FOUL…kind of negative, but I was excited that I came up with something using my current skype number…I’ll try my Salvadoran number tomorrow at Bible Study! 🙂

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