Things That Turn My Smile Upside Down

The arrival of fall does not put me in a good mood. I don’t want to bust out my sweaters and watch football. I want to bask in the sunshine and wear my flip flops. I think I should retire in Florida. Next week.

The impending cooler weather inspired the following list. There’s a common theme here:  I like to be warm and have a full tummy. If both are accomplished, I’ll most likely have a big smile on my face.

Things That Turn My Smile Upside Down:

10.  Morning activities scheduled before 9:00 a.m.

9.  Shopping in the freezer section of the grocery store — brrrr!

8.  Rodentia such as mice co-habitating with me.

7.  Styrofoam.

6.  Bicycles with flat tires.

5.  Squash borers.

4.  Cold and wet socks (and cold and wet feet)

3.  An empty veggie crisper.

2.  An empty coffee pot.

1.  A veggie garden with frost.

I just turned my heated mattress pad on in hopes that some of the heat will get transferred to my veggie gardens and ensure #1 doesn’t happen tonight.

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One Response to Things That Turn My Smile Upside Down

  1. Meredith says:

    But frost=end of allergy season! That’s something to be happy about!

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