Tri Spectatin’

I watched the Hy-Vee Triathlon yesterday. I just watched the running part — I’d get too cold watching the swimming portion. (Brr! Laura and cold water are not friends. Laura turns blue and gets crabby.)

The infamous Meredith likes the water — heck, she loves the water like I love Brussels sprouts. She also has a great road bike and two feet. Hence, she participated in the triathlon. I’m impressed with anyone who can swim in subarctic temperatures and then follow that feat with biking and running.

I think my sign appropriately expresses my admiration for Meredith and other triathletes.

Meredith loves potty humor. Almost as much as she loves swimming.

Meredith also loves running around corners! Everyone knows the corners are the most exciting part of any triathlon.

My sign probably added to her happiness.

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One Response to Tri Spectatin’

  1. Meredith says:

    Awww….your sign DEFINITELY added to my happiness. 🙂 It helped a lot at that point! My personal favorite sign was the TRI words one, but they were all wonderful.

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