Urban Farm Diversification SUCCESS!

I purchased a little kit to grow my own mushrooms. I believe the purchase was categorized as a “self birthday present,” which means I got the darn thing in July.

It’s almost September.

Before today, I’d grown one crusty mushroom that didn’t even taste good. The instructions on the box promised a 1 1/2 pound harvest in approximately 10 days.

I had a little discussion with the mushroom box a couple days ago. I said it had to produce mushrooms SOON, or it was going into the compost.

It listened! Several little mushrooms greeted me this morning! It’s a fungi miracle!

I’m going to interpret this as a life lesson — just when you think your box of mushroom spores will never produce mushrooms, it does!

Mushroom boxes (and life) are unpredictably wonderful.

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2 Responses to Urban Farm Diversification SUCCESS!

  1. John says:



    AWESOMAZING, EVEN!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meredith says:

    You could totally put that on a t-shirt. It would be a best-seller and then you can become a full-time urban farmer!

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