Santa Sighting

I love the idea of Santa. A friendly old bearded guy who give presents to everyone in exchange for milk and cookies — how fun!

However, “little kid Laura” was always a little scared of Santa. I didn’t really want some unknown man in my house. I wanted the presents; I just didn’t really care to catch a glimpse of jolly ol’ Saint Nick. My bedroom was upstairs, and the Christmas tree was downstairs, so I figured I’d be safe. And I was — I never had a Santa sighting during my formative years. (By the way — I also steered clear of all “Mall Santas.” I think I had my learner’s permit by the time I actually agreed to get a photo with Santa.)

I think my Santa fear may be waning. I had an unexpected Santa sighting last week, and it actually made me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.

I was driving along MLK (Santa and MLK were probably buddies), and I stopped at a red light. I checked my rear view mirror and saw — SANTA! Santa was driving a convertible in Iowa in August! Apparently, Santa summers in the Midwest — he must like all the fresh produce after a winter diet of sugar and dairy.

I’m positive it was the real Santa. Positive.


Because he had a little ornament hanging from his rear view mirror. The ornament was a little mini Santa! And I’m pretty sure only the real Santa would do that. Mall Santas probably shave during the summer months and have pine tree air fresheners dangling from their mirrors.

I didn’t have time to jump out of my car and properly greet Santa. If I’d had the time, I probably would have asked for a baby brother. Or a Nintendo. (Both things I never got as a small child.)

Perhaps I’ll see him again before he heads north for the winter. I don’t think I was breaking any traffic laws when I saw him, so I’m probably still on the “good girl” list.

There may still be time to get a baby brother.

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4 Responses to Santa Sighting

  1. Meredith says:

    During your “formidable” years? I think you might have meant “formative”. 🙂 I am very happy to know about Santa summering in Iowa—especially if you get a baby brother. I love babies!

  2. D Ann Jontz says:

    No baby brother! We’ll work on Nintendo.

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