Don’t Let the Squash Hit You on Your Way Out

It’s a common phrase.

Especially when you’re the proud owner of this bad Squashinator.

I found this new friend at the farmers’ market for the low, low price of $3. Sure, I have no idea how to prepare the darn thing, but, at that price — who could resist?

Not me.

The sign said it’s a cushaw squash.

I just googled cushaw squash — and I’m TOTALLY loving the purchase now! Apparently, it has a PUMPKIN-LIKE flavor! Pumpkin! Pumpkin! How exciting!

I just purchased 10 pounds of pumpkin squash for $3. It’s like I bought a winning scratch ticket in the squash lottery of life.

Go, me.

In other news, Carolyn is no longer my only Skype buddy. I Skyped with John’s dog tonight. (That sounds almost inappropriate — or illegal. I promise you it was neither.) I gave her the command to stand. She didn’t. However, I did watch her chase (and eventually catch!) her tail. It was a little like watching a suspenseful drama on television. And it was cheaper than Netflix.


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