Lotsa Mozza(rella)

I became a cheesemonger this weekend. I combined milk + rennet + citric acid  — and got cheese! It was quite the amazing process.

Plus, I can now say I’ve eaten curds and whey. If only I had a tuffet. Perhaps I’ll get one for the next batch of cheese. The kit I purchased makes 30 batches, so I anticipate more cheese in my future. It was tasty.

I made John cut the cheese. I’m a lady. I don’t do things like that.

Here’s the cheesemonger (me!) hard at work:

And — here’s my log of extremely fresh mozzarella. It’s standing alone. That’s what the cheese does. Everyone knows that. Meredith photographed the cheese standing alone. It was awkward when we attempted to coax a smile out of the cheese — we tried asking the cheese to “say cheese,” but that just got confusing.






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2 Responses to Lotsa Mozza(rella)

  1. John says:

    Whoa. What are you trying to say?? I don’t recall cutting the cheese. Ever!

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