Some Beans and a Melon

I never cease to amaze myself. Today was no different.

Many of my 29 years have been spent expressing my disdain for all beans except the green bean (he was always my friend). Over the past couple years, I’ve discovered I really like beans. REALLY like them. My co-workers might be sad, but I’d be happy eating beans every day.

I’m also not really a pet person. My only pet as a small child was a hamster named Chuck. I loved the little fella, but he had a rather unfriendly disposition and liked to bite fingernails (and occasionally fingers). I’m a little frightened of most things with fur, and things with fur usually pick up on this. I try to reason with them — I tell them I wish them no harm and just don’t really want our paths to cross. This rarely works. Furry creatures are sometimes not the best listeners.

So, imagine my amazement when I reflected on my day and realized:

1.  I may have created a masterpiece by mushing Trader Joe’s Cuban Style Black Beans in a baggie — it makes a lovely sandwich spread AND a lovely chip and veggie dip. (I like to think of it as my Sandra Lee semi-homemade creation.)

2.  I’ve shared two melons with John’s dog, Laika, over the past couple weeks. I like melon. Laika likes melon. And, we occasionally like to share. It just works out. Thankfully, I have opposable thumbs, so I control who gets first dibs at the melon.

Had someone told 19-year-old Laura she’d be loving beans and eating melons with a large dog, I’m pretty sure she would have chortled in disbelief.

Perhaps 39-year-old Laura will share deep-fried butter with a cat. Perhaps.

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One Response to Some Beans and a Melon

  1. Meredith says:

    Or tuna! With a …hm. Can’t think of what else you might bond with besides dogs and cats. Ferrets? Tuna with a ferret, maybe?

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