Oh, What a Beautiful Morning; Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

It was probably the nicest weather in the history of weather today. It was perfect! I even looked up the high/low temperatures for today to determine my ideal temperatures. Turns out, I enjoy a high of 81 and a low of 65. Part of me would like to move to a location that has that temperature most of the year — but, the novelty might wear off after so long. Also, my urban farm would be sad if I left it. I’m in charge of watering.

I celebrated the day by staying outside alllll day long. (I only came in for food and potty breaks. My sunscreen application skills were less than stellar. Dang.)

I spent a long time drinking coffee and gazing at this:

I turned on the sprinkler hoses for the gardens while I enjoyed my coffee. There’s a rogue “sprinkle” that shoots across the back yard instead of into a veggie garden — it’s kind of like having a little fountain in the back yard. It’s very classy.

When I’m seated in my drinkin’ coffee chair, my back is turned to avoid this:

and this:

The less desirable portion of my yard contains tree debris (it rhymes; rhymes are fun!). Co-workers with chain saws are pretty much the best co-workers ever. One of my co-workers put a poor dying maple in my front yard out of its misery. The tree debris is taking over my back yard until it can be hauled away.

My brick patio is still a major work in progress. I had plans to complete it before my birthday, but then the melons started growing in that area. I can’t disturb the melons — the two little watermelons growing in this area are quite possibly the most attractive melons I’ve ever seen. One of the watermelon vines has become quite attached (literally) to the giant brick pile. I don’t have the heart to re-direct it. If it wants to spread its little vines all over the bricks, I’ll allow that. The patio will just have to wait until post-melon season (aka fall).

I biked to the grocery store tonight to purchase milk and bananas. My bike bag is fairly small, so I was quite impressed that both the milk and bananas fit. While I was unlocking my bike, I chatted with an older, slightly unkempt man waiting for the bus. (Note:  I was also rather unkempt after being a creature of the outdoors all day.)

He made several comments about how much money I was saving by biking instead of driving to the grocery store. I said I drove my car plenty and probably wasn’t really saving money. He insisted I was saving money and then instructed me to use the money I was saving on cigarettes and pop.

If only I’d had more room in my bike bag…

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2 Responses to Oh, What a Beautiful Morning; Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

  1. Meredith says:

    Oh, Laura. Love it! Hooray for perfect weather! And fun weekends!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Yay for a beautiful day! I was curious about what it was here in San Salvador yesterday so I checked it out…85 to 65…pretty sure that’s basically standard! Sunny during the day and rains in the evening! (I’ll let you know if it gets old!) 🙂

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