Kohlrabi Harvest

In May, John and I planted several kohlrabi plants in veggie garden #2. (Actually, I think John planted that area of the garden by himself, but I’ll give myself partial planting credit.)

Neither of us had planted kohlrabi before. I’d never even eaten kohlrabi until this year.

It seemed like there was a lot of kohlrabi in the garden. If our little plants grew, it seemed like we’d have a plethora of kohlrabi.

Fast forward to August…[insert time travel music].

The kohlrabi grew. And grew. And, in full disclosure, I thought it was eggplant for a while. But it wasn’t.

I watched it grow — I found the leaves and the lovely purple color quite attractive.

And, last night I realized I didn’t know when (or how) to pick the little kohlrabis.

Google informed me my kohlrabi was, indeed, ready to be picked. In fact, Google let me know some of my kohlrabi plants may have grown a little too large and may have developed a slight woody flavor.

I also learned that one picks a kohlrabi by uprooting the entire plant. So, our huge kohlrabi crop turned out to be about 8 kohlrabis.

Kohlrabi plants are like garden girth. You get a lot of plant, but not that much veggie.

Here’s my morning harvest:

I sampled the kohlrabi tonight. It was a delight! Totally worth the massive amount of garden real estate. They’re like little purple alien pods that sprout up in the garden and eventually provide a mild, but satisfying, taste sensation.

Go, kohlrabi, go!

In other news, I also grew a squash. This is quite the accomplishment this summer due to my ongoing battles with squash borers. Any surviving squash are extremely tough. They’re like the marines of the squash world.

The only problem is, I don’t know if I grew a summer squash or a winter squash. I picked it.

I then asked John if he thought it should have been picked.

His answer:  “if it’s a summer squash, it should be picked; if it’s a winter squash, it shouldn’t be picked.”

I’m positive I can convince myself it’s a summer squash.

I just hope I didn’t prematurely pick the only squash my garden managed to produce.

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3 Responses to Kohlrabi Harvest

  1. Meredith says:

    I think it’s a summer squash because it was picked in August. Let’s go with that.

  2. D Ann Jontz says:

    It’s green so it must be a summer squash. If it were a winter squash, wouldn’t it be white?–so it could blend in.

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