My Plan to Take Over the World

After reading yesterday’s post, Meredith made the miraculous discovery that my blog is the fourth or fifth entry if one Googles “chinless valid Scrabble word.”

I was extremely pleased. Google is super famous, so if Google is finding my blog, I’m practically on the same fame level as Oprah. And Paula Deen.

I have to keep my place in the world of “chinless” searches, so I plan to mention the word chinless as often as possible. I’m confident this can be done. Chins are very important. They hold our faces up. And they made Jay Leno the man he is today. He would probably not be famous if he was chinless.

Carol Burnett had surgery to add a teeny little bit of girth to her chin. She is no longer chinless. I read about this in her book. It’s just another example of the importance of chins.

According to my mom, I have a pointy little chin. I’m short, so when I hug my mom, my chin meets her shoulder. Other moms might just enjoy the fact that their child is giving them a hug. My mom frequently responds to my hugs by saying “get your pointy little chin out of my shoulder!”

I’m pretty sure she says that with love.

Now — everyone reading this — scratch your chin in that quizzical fashion that makes almost anyone look super intelligent. And, as you’re scratching your chin, ponder how much better the world will be once my chin and I have taken over. Now smile:)

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2 Responses to My Plan to Take Over the World

  1. Meredith says:

    I feel famous being mentioned in your famous blog! Chinless! Chinless! Chinless! We’re going to move you up the ranks right quick. 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    How random is that?! Love it! 🙂

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