What Did I Eat?

I’m a little obsessed with food — especially fruits and veggies. Expecially fruits and veggies from my garden.

My food obsession influences various aspects of my life. I manage to watch a fair amount of The Food Network for a person who doesn’t have cable. I also read several food blogs. It seems to be fairly common in the food blogging world to have a “What I Ate Today” blog.

I’d like to put my own spin on that idea. I’ll refer to it as a “What Did I Eat?” blog.

Take yesterda,y for example. Veggie garden #2 has a small radish patch. It doesn’t seem to be producing that many radishes, but there appear to be radish greens with little radish nubs at the end. They may be weeds. I’m not sure.

However, I did pick a whole bunch of them and eat them last night. And I’m still alive!

Take that, food bloggers. I’m takin’ “What I Ate” to the next level.

As a sidenote:  pesto is definitely one of the most questionable things one can spill on one’s planner. I may have done this. It’s not pretty.

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One Response to What Did I Eat?

  1. D Ann Jontz says:

    Now you’re eating weeds! Laura! I’ve got an idea–why don’t you just eat the poison ivy. What a way to get rid of it!

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