Silent, but Exciting

I’m fun. So, naturally, my friends are fun, too.

Sam is a friend of a friend. But, we recently met, so I think it’s safe to call her a real friend and not just a random friend of a friend I stalk via Facebook.

Sam decided to spice up her Facebook profile by adding a silent letter — Samn. I like to pronounce the silent “n.” But, then it kind of sounds like her name is Salmon. And that’s not the most attractive name.

I decided I wanted a silent letter in my name. It’s just SO FUN.

I put out feelers for good silent letters that could be incorporated into Laura, and Angie responded with nothing less than brilliance:

This silent letter thing is tricky.  First I thought you could go with a silent p:  Plaura from Panora  (I think that might be how you spell the town you are from).   Then I thought a silent h at the end because your name would be cheering at you.  Laurah rah! rah!.  Then I came to a little bit of an unconventional solution — wr.  It is hard though because you will have to pretend the w is the one from the word write.  and the r is being said by JFK or someone else who doesn’t pronounce the r at the end of words.  So it would look like this Laurawr.  Because you are a tiger.  rawr.

I AM a tiger. A tiger who takes on each day with a giant RAWR.

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3 Responses to Silent, but Exciting

  1. Meredith says:

    My mom always thought “Donna” was too boring and thought she’d throw in some extra ‘n’s to spice it up—Donnnnnnnnna. Then it “looks like a stretch limo!” I like Laurawr. (I was expecting “Lauwra”, but “Laurawr” might be even better).

  2. Angie says:

    I feel a little famous. 🙂

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