Worms and Corn

First:  the worms.

My zucchini are all dying. And I am mourning. But, I wanted to do everything possible to save them. I was wandering around veggie garden #3 on Sunday when I remembered my boss saying something about squash worms. She said it was possible to dig the worm out of the plant — once the worm is removed, the plant MIGHT survive.

So — I did what any self-respecting gardener wannabe would do. I attempted to de-worm my zucchini. And…this is what I found:

I was kind of impressed I found a worm — initially, I found the back end of a worm. I was a wee bit leery to pull the worm out of the zucchini plant since I didn’t know how long said worm would be. Ug.

I like to befriend the enemy and play mind games with them. So, I brought the enemy worm on the porch for a brief photo shoot.

Evil, yet attractive.

I attempted to de-worm my other squash plants. I collected about 5-10 worms. I only photographed the first one. Apparently, squash worms are like children — you only take pictures of the first one.

Keep all fingers crossed for my remaining squash. They need all the help they can get.

Second:  the corn.

After de-worming my plants, I traveled to my parents’ house. They had corn.

I LOVE grilled sweet corn. So, so much.

Yeah. I ate five ears. This is why I need to enter a competitive vegetable-eating competition. (I’ll concede that corn is kind of a fake vegetable, but you get the idea.)

I watched The Next Food Network Star with my mom as I devoured my little corn friends. I think I need my own show. It could be entertaining. I’d travel around the country and check out farmers’ markets and amaze America with my ability to consume large amounts of produce. Beano might sponsor me.

My dad totally thinks it would be a great idea.

Ok. Maybe he’s a little skeptical. Or, perhaps he’s just irritated at the fact that his 29-year-old kid showed up at his door and ate all his sweet corn.




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