Today is a big day. I ordered a cheese-making kit. I’m going off the cheese grid, and I’m makin’ my own mozzarella. Or ricotta. The kit will teach me how to make both.

I have dreams of eating garden basil, garden heirloom tomatoes, and homemade cheese. Others want fame and fortune — I just want a dynamite Caprese salad. That’s all.

Oh…and I’d like to not wind up in quite so many awkward situations.

I went to the grocery store tonight to check out the possible non-ultra pasteurized milk options (hello, project cheese). I wound up with a local melon and kombucha. I don’t know how those items got into my hands. They just did. The last musk melon I ate was less than ideal, so I needed a rebound melon. And kombucha makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s made with love. Really, it’s like a beverage hug.

Anyway, I went to the grocery store after kickboxing class (read:  I smelled back and looked even worse). I’m ok with this look. I refer to it as “Weekend Laura.” Weekend Laura is a fun gal. However, Weekend Laura doesn’t want to (1) see an intern from work who probably already thinks she’s a little strange; and (2) get smooshed in the automatic door at the grocery store! It’s true! The doors continued to shut and wound up smooshing my arms! Thankfully, when the doors hit my arms they re-opened — but still! — how many people have been smooshed while trying to enter a grocery store!

At least it made a (semi) good story. And my arms are ok. No permanent damage.

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