Shoe Update

I’m happy (and slightly embarrassed) to report I found my shoes.

In my bedroom.

They were happily hiding under a reusable bag. No wonder the employees in the nail salon (who spoke Vietnamese) were confused when I attempted to explain my plight (in loud, slow English). They never had my shoes.

I ate a bunch of beets yesterday. Beets are an exceptionally fun food to eat. Why? Because you can sing (or say) “I’ve got the beat!” Then, if you share your beets, you can exclaim “YOU’VE got the beat!” This is a good way to evaluate your true friends. They are likely the only people who will put up with this without fleeing the scene. Meredith is a good friend because she just groans and rolls her eyes when I try to offer her “the beat.”

I love many, many foods. I especially  love foods that list love as an ingredient! While at Whole Foods a couple months ago, I purchased freeze-dried mangos and kombucha — love was listed as an ingredient in both foods! The love included in both items greatly improved the quality of my snack.

John returned from Kansas (read:  he’s not in Kansas anymore!) and brought me a pound of most excellent coffee from P.T. Roasters. The back of the bag reads “without love, it’s just coffee.”

So true, P.T. I can most definitely taste the love roasted in the little coffee beans.

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One Response to Shoe Update

  1. Meredith says:

    I am glad eye-rolling allows me to attain good friend status. I may have chuckled the first time. But on the third or fourth exclamation, I’m unable to feign enthusiasm. I’m happy you’ve got “the beat” AND love in your food—you can’t ask for much more than that.

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