Happy To-may-toe, Happy To-mah-toe

Greetings from my garden!

Note the fancy gardening hat — classy, I know. I’m sure the neighbors wonder why I now garden in running shorts, a tank top, and a straw hat with a ribbon. If this fashion trend starts sweeping the nation, I have documentation that I started it. Just wait…it could happen.

It’s been hot. Really hot. Like 100 degrees hot.

This did not keep me out of my yard. I decided it would be a good time to tackle some weeds in the back corner of my yard. The part of the yard where poison ivy has been spotted. This required me to wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt…and the straw hat. (Again — the fashion trend will catch on!) The good news is my yard looks great — I mulched and weeded and weeded and mulched. The bad news is my jeans got sweaty, and the weight of the sweat made them heavier than usual. And I wasn’t wearing a belt. So — the neighbors also an unfortunate de-pants-ing incident involving me and a tree branch that got stuck in a belt loop and instigated the 1/2 moon. Sorry, neighbors.

I also got in some quality time with my tomato plants this weekend. I love my little plants. I like to think our regular conversations result in well-rounded tomatoes (pun intended). However, one tomato plant was not happy with me this weekend.

I have a lot of tomato plants this year. I purchased a lot of tomato cages to accommodate my plant friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy a cage for every tomato. I assumed some of the tomatoes could latch onto nearby fences or the cages of neighbor tomatoes. The unhappy tomato plant would have none of that. It wanted its own cage. It pointed out the fact that the plants to its right and left had fancy, colored cages. I’d told the unhappy tomato to go climb a fence. Literally.

I’m a naturally guilty person. The unhappy tomato plant’s tale of woe tugged at my heartstrings, and I drove to Lowe’s to find it a home.

Here’s the unhappy plant:

It’s just kind of sprawled out on the dirt. It’s not playing nicely with the other tomatoes.

Here’s the plant after moving into its new habitat:

Much happier. I have high hopes for this little plant.

In sad plant news, I believe my squash have been taken over by a pack of angry bugs. It’s so sad. The bugs are eating the stalk of the squash until there’s just a little rotten nub. I sprayed the plants with some soap, but I don’t think there’s a lot that can be done.

Garden casualties make me sad. I think I may have an unnatural attachment to my plants.

I don’t really mind the hot weather. Oppressive heat and humidity are always better than bitterly cold weather in my world. However, I’d like to take this opportunity to complain about my glasses for the 1000th time. So — here goes:

I did find a little rubber strap to affix my glasses to my head. The strap is most helpful because it allows me to see while I mow and garden. For that important reason, I am grateful for the strap. However, strapping one’s eyeglasses to one’s head when one is sweating gallons of sweat results in some serious chafing around the ears and nose.

Also, my glasses steamed up when I walked out of the air-conditioned gym tonight. I didn’t want to wait until they un-steamed, so I kept walking to my car — and fell off the curb. Stupid glasses.

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One Response to Happy To-may-toe, Happy To-mah-toe

  1. Meredith says:

    I don’t know what I’d finish the sentence “Oppressive heat and humidity are always better than…” with exactly—very little in the way of weather. But kudos to you for braving it for the sake of your plant friends. I’m sure they appreciate both the dedication and the conversation.

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