Lost…and Found?

I decided to go into semi-hiding for the evening.

That’s right. If you could see me typing this, I would appear to be without a torso (or sans torso, if you’d like the lingo of my household).

My parents got me a camouflage shirt for my birthday.

Because my torso is camouflaged, it blends in with its surroundings. If I wore my camo shirt with my camo leggings (which I own), I’d appear to have only a head, arms, hands, and feet.

My torso isn’t the only thing that’s hiding. My brown dress shoes are also hiding. However, I may be able to uncover their hiding spot. You see, Meredith and I got pedicures on Monday. I wore my brown dress shoes to the nail salon but brought sandals to avoid smudging my lovely pink sparkly pedicure. I’m about 97.2% sure I left my shoes at the nail salon. My only fear is a customer who got a pedi later in the week was so unhappy with her pedicure that she left the salon wearing my shoes. That would be unfortunate.

The best news of the day = I found a glasses strap for my glasses. This pleases me a great deal and should allow me to mow this weekend without battling sweaty glasses sliding down my face.

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