Rad Radish

Just look at that big guy! He was kind of exploding from the little radish patch when I was picking stuff tonight. So, I picked him. And ate him. He was tasty. His radish tops were also tasty.

I ate a lot of my radish patch tonight:

I saw a pesto recipe with radish tops, so I figured they were ok to eat. And, since I cry a little any time my garden stuff gets composted, I decided to cook up the radish tops.

The result = good stuff. I like radish tops. Just as much as I like radish bottoms.

I also like purple beans. Carolyn requested a picture of purple beans — so here’s my green bean/purple bean photo session:

The purple bean is kind of smiling. The green bean remained stoic.

I’ve become a glasses-wearin’ person since Eye-Pocalypse 2011 last week. I don’t get fit for new contacts until July 26. I don’t mind my glasses, but they don’t actually stay on my face. They slide down my nose at the slightest little bit of face sweat. When they slide down my nose, I CAN’T SEE.

I’m super nearsighted. People are just moving blobs without my glasses. And, when my glasses are sliding down my nose, I might as well not be wearing them. Sheesh.

Many of my favorite activities (yarding, running, etc.) involve lots of face sweat. These activities have become not so much fun in my glasses. I took my glasses off during kickboxing at the Y tonight. It was scary to kickbox sans glasses, but my sweaty glasses have become the bane of my existence.

Tonight I went searching for a glasses strap to secure the little buggers to my face. I was unsuccessful. The search shall continue tomorrow. Wish me luck.

In other news, sweaty glasses were probably not my biggest concern of the day. I was working this afternoon when I realized everyone in the building was gone. Weird. I went outside and discovered the building had been evacuated after someone smelled gas (ha! — third grader humor!).

The good news is, I’m still alive. People with fancy office jobs probably don’t experience this. I like to think the occasional natural gas evacuation (or non-evacuation if certain people are un-informed) builds character.

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One Response to Rad Radish

  1. Carolyn says:

    Yay for a picture of the purple bean! I love it! 🙂

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