A Date with a Date

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some Medjool dates from Arizona. They were fabulous. It was a great first date. Unfortunately, I think a second date may not be in the near future. Long-distance relationships can be hard. Perhaps I’ll move to Arizona.

In other news, I purchased a self-birthday present last week.

According to the box, I’ll harvest 1 1/2 pounds of oyster mushrooms! I’m not really sure how this process works, but I’ll be the happiest girl ever if my mushroom farming efforts are successful.

John is traveling to Kansas tomorrow morning. Since I won’t be there to serve as “official car buddy,” I gave him some car snacks to fill my shoes.

1. Good Friends cereal.

The people on the box look like good friends. For that reason, that brand of cereal will always make me smile. They’re like breakfast companions.

2.  Swedish Fish. I’m sure the Swedish Fish will get along famously with the Kashi Good Friends.

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