Busy Bee Weekend

As predicted, my camera and I were meant to be together. It came back to me (aka:  I remembered what little compartment I stuck it in in my car). However, I just found it today. This means I didn’t take pictures of fun flowers and plants in my yard. They shall be forthcoming.

Luckily, I found my camera in time to properly capture the remnants of the 4th of July parade in Yale.

I also found my camera in time to photograph these little beauties:

I have raspberries in my yard! Granted, they’re thorny little devils that fight back when picked, but the minor wounds are totally worth it.

Other weekend busy-ness included:

– Biking to the farmers’ market to get blueberries. I have a blueberry purchasing system. Two pints of blueberries fit in my bike bag. In a moment of sheer genius, I discovered I can purchase three pints of berries and eat one pint while roaming around the farmers’ market!

– Stopping at the library after biking to the farmers’ market. I was concerned my bike helmet might get stolen if I left it on my bike while I went into the library. So, I wore a helmet to the library. Also, the library is in a mall, so I actually walked through the mall in a helmet. I think I probably started a trend. Plus, you can never been too cautious — I could have been hit by a falling hardcover book. (I wasn’t — thanks to the helmet.)

– Witnessing the departure of the giant, ugly pine tree from my back yard!!! (Note the three exclamation points.) My back yard was encumbered by a giant pine tree that had seen better days. A brilliant tree-cutter made the tree disappear on Saturday, and my back yard has never looked better! Now I can look out my kitchen window and see veggie garden #1 instead of droopy pine crap. (Interesting fact:  my yard smelled like a giant pine air freshener Saturday night. The scent has faded.)

– Eating watermelon. This is an every weekend activity in the summer. I’m a pro. And I’m almost 100% convinced I could win a Man vs. Food watermelon-eating contest.

– Eating green and purple beans. I army crawled through veggie garden #1 and picked all the beans I could find. I found a lot. And I ate them. They were bean-tastic.

– Assembling patio furniture from a box! I got patio furniture from my parents for my birthday. (I’ll be 29 — Meredith informed me the 29th anniversary is furniture. My birthday is like my 29th anniversary with myself. Moral = I request very appropriate gifts.) I assembled the four little chairs and table tonight, and tomorrow I plan to enjoy a little outdoor breakfast. This shall make me ridiculously happy, unless it’s raining.

– Realizing that NPR is oddly connected to my life. I love Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me (the NPR quiz show) and listen every weekend. I was yarding and NPR-ing. I perked up when the question mentioned Martha Stewart lawn furniture, because my new furniture happened to be Martha Stewart. Apparently, a glass top Martha Stewart patio table SPONTANEOUSLY EXPLODED — there  “was a loud explosion and the table proceeded to disintegrate!” (I re-listened to the show to make sure I got my facts correct.) I’m mildly concerned about my table, and I may make guests sign a waiver before eating with me.

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2 Responses to Busy Bee Weekend

  1. Meredith says:

    Other moral: your roommate is very knowledgeable about anniversary-appropriate presents.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Congrats on the tree coming down!
    Love the helmet through the mall!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE coincidence of 29th anniversary and 29th birthday = furniture!
    Beware of your new table exploding!

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