10 Random Things About My Day

1.  It was raining when I started biking to work this morning. The sky was completely gray, but I assumed it would stop raining in a few minutes. It didn’t. But all was well — a bike helmet also serves as a rain hat.

2.  Since I biked to work, I carried my lunch in my backpack. Lunch contained several messy foods such as humus and salad dressing, so I didn’t want it to spill on my work clothes (also in my backpack). The plastic container didn’t seem too reliable, so I secured it with a rubber band. The rubber band snapped during the bike ride to work, but the plastic container remained closed! Success! (Because, really, no one wants to smell like balsamic vinaigrette all day — there’s a reason it’s not marketed as a perfume.)

3.  After work, I crawled under a co-worker’s car and dislodged a stick that was clinging to the car’s underbelly.

4.  The fabulous people at Bike World fixed my little blue bike! It’s not a flattie any more! There was a teeny piece of glass stuck in the tire, and the glass was slowly puncturing every new tube I put on the bike. New tire = problem solved! Little blue bike and I shall travel to work together tomorrow.

5.  I checked on the pattypan squash in the garden expecting to see many little pattypans. I didn’t. Instead, I saw a sickish squash plant. This prompted a somewhat panicked phone call to John — despite the fact that he doesn’t have magic plant-healing qualities, I felt slightly better after telling his voicemail about the ill squash.

6.  I ate several Nasturtiums.

They are the prettiest food ever, and I feel like a little garden snacking princess when I eat them. These edible flowers have definitely improved the quality of my life.

7.  I mowed my rather grassy lawn and…(drumroll…) bagged the grass to use as mulch in veggie garden #2! Mulching seemed like a good idea, but I’d been putting off doing it because it just didn’t seem like fun. But, I did actually have fun bagging my mowed grass. Granted, I had to push the mower and the grass that slowly accumulated in the bag, but the lawn looks super neat and tidy. Most important, veggie garden #2 has some mulch. All the plants seemed to stand up a little taller to show their appreciation.

8.  I had a monochomatic post-mowing supper. Supper #1 was my pre-mowing supper. It was not monochromatic. I was very pleased when I realized I’d selected only green foods for supper #2 — green beans, kale, broccoli, and honeydew melon. (This is the result of bulk produce shopping at Costco.) I defy nutritionists who say you should have many colors on your plate. I prefer to do one color at a time. Lunch was mostly orange.

9.  I was slightly disappointed my mom didn’t comment on yesterday’s blog post. She has high speed Internet and a brand spankin’ new laptop. I even marked my blog under her “favorites” tab. Nothing.

10.  I’m attending a wedding this weekend. I recently implemented the practice of buying myself a present every time I purchase a wedding gift for someone else. Hence, I’m excited for my “self non-wedding present.” I’m also excited for the second half of my honeydew melon. It’s waiting for me in the fridge. It’s full of peach yogurt and oats and shall be Friday’s breakfast of champions.

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2 Responses to 10 Random Things About My Day

  1. Meredith says:

    1) The reverberations would be interesting (I would think) of wearing a helmet and hearing the rain on it.
    2) I think it’s hummus, not humus, but either way, I’m glad it didn’t spill.
    3) How do you get recruited for these kinds of projects?
    4) Yay for bike fixing! And no more flats!
    5) I like the name Pattypan Squash.
    6) If anyone could be a garden snacking princess, it would be you.
    7) You make mulching sound fun.
    8) Monochromatic meals aren’t usually healthy. You manage to buck the trend. Go you.
    9) You’re a favorite tab on my computer. So I’m commenting.
    10) Curious to see what the “self non-wedding present” shall be. I am 100% in support of this most excellent practice.

  2. Meredith says:

    Ack! After the face it should be item 8. I am a little disturbed that my list does not have a number 8 in it. And it won’t let you edit comments after they’re posted!

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