Sue Keeney 2011?

This was Sue. Her last name was Keeney. I have to use the past tense because she eventually became bread. Sue Keeney bread.

John and I evaluated the potential garden produce situation and determined our garden(s) would be the laughing stock of Iowa gardeners everywhere. Why?

We only planted 1/2 a zucchini.

Ok — we actually planted a whole zucchini plant, but giant hail (or meteors) hit the plant and reduced it to 1/2 a plant. It’s just a Sue instead of a full Sue Keeney.

We solved this problem by purchasing a second zucchini plant at Home Depot. While we were there, we purchased a cucumber friend for the zucchini and tomato cages for our little tomato cage dancers.

My yard now has 1 1/2 zucchini plants. It’s a respectable Iowa garden.

Iowa gardeners face three common problems — (1) an abundance of bunnies; (2) an abundance of bugs; and (3) an abundance of zucchini. It’s like a badge of honor to have approximately 50 zucchinis taking up the crisper and every other part of the fridge in July and August. Gardeners exchange zucchini recipes — the best ones are those that require 8+ cups of zucchini.

I have a warm fuzzy for every veggie I’ve ever met. That said, zucchinis are not #1 on my veggie list. However, I want to be part of the cool kids’ gardening club. I want to brag about Sue Keeney 2011 to other gardeners. Sue Keeney 2009 weighed 6 pounds. Sue Keeney 2011 may be able to top that record.

And that is why my garden required another zucchini plant. I’m not an imposter. I’m a real, bona fide, perma fingernail dirt sportin’, poison ivy infested, sunburned Iowan gardener.



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