Laura, Laura, Quite Contrary, Where Did Your Garden Go? [aka: Ranting About Bunnies, Part 17]

I planted a fourth veggie garden on Sunday. Veggie garden #4 had lettuce, Brussels sprouts (!!), and broccoli. It’s my secret (shhh!) garden because it’s kind of hidden behind a tree in the corner of my urban farm. Even I have to duck under the tree to reach it — and I’m midget-like.

I didn’t have time to put a fence around the veggies on Sunday, so I did the next best thing — I gave it an extremely healthy dose of coyote urine. I even checked on it Monday, and everything looked fine.

Apparently, at some point today, the secret got out. And the bunnies got in. And when I went back to the secret garden after work today to put up a fence, I did a double take.

There were no plants in my garden.

I kind of wondered if I was in the right place. Maybe I’d wandered into someone else’s yard. Maybe I was stuck in some sort of bizarro world. Maybe my secret garden was a little too secret.

I only wish any of those theories made sense. I believe the true culprit is:

He even looks guilty. Like he’s getting ready to be cuffed.

Everything in my not-so-secret garden was gone. The bunnies even managed to eat some plant starts that were still in containers. I don’t know if the wind tipped the containers over or if they were tipped with bunny power — either way, I’m both impressed and miffed.

These used to have leaves. Before they became bunny food.

However, I’m going to put a positive spin on this. I just made a donation to the bunny food bank. I planted a nice little meal for them. This should give me good bunny karma for the rest of the season.

I can already feel the good bunny karma spreading joy to other areas of my life. After I re-planted veggie garden #4, I made a little tofu, broccoli, and spinach. My tofu’s expiration date was 7/11 — my birthday! I love the time of year when perishables are stenciled with my birthday. It makes me feel all special.

I hope the bunnies felt equally special while they feasted in my garden.

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3 Responses to Laura, Laura, Quite Contrary, Where Did Your Garden Go? [aka: Ranting About Bunnies, Part 17]

  1. Meredith says:

    I must say, reading “Watership Down” made me much more sympathetic to the plight of the bunny. However, I am still rooting for you in your ongoing battles with the rabbits.

  2. Sara says:

    I’m going to agree with Meredith here. I can’t think of your bunnies the same way after reading Watership Down. I feel for their daily peril. However, Watership Down also taught me that your hope for good bunny karma (as in, that they’ll leave your garden alone from now on) is just silly. Now they know they’ve found a sure thing.

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