Chasing Cars

Sometimes I travel to fun, exotic places for work — like Fort Dodge.

Sometimes I drive behind fun vehicles:

For the record, the coffee tanker did not give off coffee-scented fumes. I rolled down my window and stiffed. It also did not appear to be leaking. Had I noticed a leak, I might have been tempted to follow it to the nearest rest stop and fill up my coffee mug. (Rule #1 of traveling with Laura:  never leave home without a coffee mug.)

The photography is horrible, but the license plate is fun — ICK. Who wouldn’t want that on a license plate?

Last week, I had a brief love affair with fresh mangos. It was great — but, alas, ’tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. (I probably messed that quote up a little.) Moral of the story — I ate a superb mango on Saturday, and my lips swelled up. Meredith’s mom is a nurse, and she diagnosed a possible mango allergy. Apparently, mango is a common food allergy. I’m slighty crushed. Mangos are fabulous. Faux-collagen lips are not fabulous. Ug.

I’m attempting to tame my lips with Benadryl. I also just had my nightly pot o’ coffee. I’m not really sure what will happen with the drowsiness of Benadryl is mixed with caffeine. We’ll see.

I’m a human science experiment.

I also decided to make baba ghanoush at 10:30 p.m. The idea began forming when I purchased amazing lemons from Trader Joe’s. I didn’t know a lemon could taste so good. I’ve been putting lemons in my water, but I thought some of the lemons needed to experience life outside a water bottle. I also realized I had an aged eggplant in the fridge. Enter — Mr. Ghanoush (Baba, for short).

I haven’t made baba ghanoush since I purchased my mini food processor. Earlier baba ghanoush attempts involved me coaxing and begging the blender to blend the eggplant. The mini food processor worked wonders! And the fresh lemons are a million times better than bottled lemon juice (duh!). Success! I’m super excited for lunch tomorrow!

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One Response to Chasing Cars

  1. Meredith says:

    You’re alive this morning, so I’m presuming the Benadryl/coffee combination didn’t kill you. That’s always good. You generally discourage me from turning myself into a human science experiment, but just make sure you’re following all the steps of PHEOC and things should work out okay.

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