Anti-Bunny Fence

I fenced today. The score:  FENCE:  1; BUNNIES:  0.

I’d provide pictures, but it was dark when the fencing competition ended.

Veggie gardens 1, 2, and 3 are now 99% bunny proof. Until today, the veggies were “bunny proofed” with plastic fencing. A second layer of wire fencing was added today after some bunny with exceptionally sharp teeth gnawed through a chunk of plastic fence. (@$!!$#% BUNNY!)

Only a herculean bunny would be able to get through the current fencing system.

I added a fourth garden today. It’s a shaded garden in the back corner of my yard. It’s my secret garden — shhhhhhh. (Don’t tell the bunnies.) The secret garden is particularly awesome because it’s home to BRUSSELS SPROUTS! The sprouts were probably planted later than they should have been (why, oh why, didn’t I prioritize the sprouts?!), but I think these are probably very advanced sprouts. This means they’ll probably grow at twice the rate of normal sprouts. I’d encourage them to eat Brussels sprouts to grow big and tall, but that seems wrong on so many levels. Also, the sprouts would probably not find me to be a credible source on how to grow big and tall. They’d probably laugh and throw soil at all 5’1 3/4″ of me.

Nothing makes me feel better than matchmaking. Just call me Yentl. And, by matchmaking, I mean sock matchmaking. I did some of that this morning.

These are three sad socks. They don’t have mates.

I successfully mated two socks! The third sock is more of a free spirit. Everyone is happy.




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One Response to Anti-Bunny Fence

  1. Meredith says:

    I would like to see a picture of a Herculean bunny. I feel like it would have big, bulging bunny muscles.

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