My Cabbage Patch “Kid”

Sometimes the technology gods smile upon me and bless almost every strike I make on the keyboard.

And sometimes the technology gods decided to smack me around a bit. I hope they find some sort of entertaining quality to my suffering.

Here’s my tale of woe. Please, send sympathy via comments. I thrive on sympathy.

Last week, I decided to donate my laptop to a school in Nigeria. The infamous Carolyn used to teach in Nigeria and is going back for visit (she’s leaving today — bye, Carolyn!). If I’m totally honest, I wanted a new computer to enable easier Skype-ing with Carolyn — but my old computer was perfectly fine. So…I like to think this means I get life generosity points. Right?

I decided to send my computer to Nigeria at the last possible moment, so this resulted in an extremely hurried trip to Best Buy. I don’t require a fancy-schmancy computer. I wouldn’t even know what to do with one if I had one. I just wanted some salesperson to sell me a computer — preferably, a cheap one that works.

I’m not a fan of the big box store or chain stores in general (unless it’s Trader Joe’s — that store puts a big warm fuzzy in my heart), but Best Buy seemed to be the most convenient option in the 11th hour.

I went to Best Buy after my kickboxing class, so I’ll admit — I smelled a little funktastic. I was also wearing my third grade softball t-shirt (because it’s awesome! and it still fits because I’m a midget and liked extra big t-shirts in third grade).

So — no one at Best Buy would wait on me. Customers can’t just grab computers from the shelf — a salesperson must get one from a super-secret location.

To wrap this epic story up, I’ll list the no-so-cool portions of this computer buying experience:

– I wound up leaving Best Buy and going to Target (while complaining to my mom on the phone — she’s good at sympathy. although I believe she began our next conversation by asking “are you in a better mood now?”).

– Target does not sell computers. Silly me.

– I traveled back to Best Buy. I found a salesperson. He sold me a computer. He said Best Buy would be nice and transfer the data from my old computer to my new computer.

– A Geek from Best Buy called the next day to inform me “the data transfer didn’t work.” I ask what this meant. I was told this meant my pictures, songs, and documents from my old computer were gone…gone…gone.

– I went through the five stages of grief. [(1) denial — “noooo! it didn’t happen!” (2) anger — “damn you, Best Buy!” (3) bargaining — “I’ll give you my first-born child if I can have my data back!” (4) depression — “blub. blub. sob.” (5) acceptance — “data is just data. it might regenerate like a liver.”] **note:  when googling the five stages of grief, the side advertisement contained instructions on how to make your own vodka. hmmmm.**

– I’ve accepted the loss of my pictures. I have not accepted the loss of my music. My music was all housed on my ipod, so it wasn’t completely gone. After being told by several people that I’ll have to re-load ALL my CDs into itunes, I think I’m proving them wrong. My computer is currently a mess of randomly copied songs from my ipod’s hard drive. And the current solution involves playing a little bit of every single song. But, I’m believing in the dream, and I’ll be the happiest little girl in the world if I succeed.

The technology gods continued to punish me by eating last night’s blog post.

Carolyn even sent me a text asking why I’d posted a blank blog. I had noticed the blog wasn’t entirely happy with me when I posted last night, but I thought my post might regenerate in the night (like a liver). Apparently, my blog does not regenerate like a liver.

But — there’s always a silver lining. Always. Even when computer data and blog posts are swallowed up by evil technology gremlins.

My silver lining is green. See:

IT’S A BABY HEAD OF LETTUCE! (I realize it’s not a head of cabbage, so my “cabbage patch kid” is actually a “lettuce patch kid.” “Lettuce patch kid” just doesn’t roll of the tongue.)

My baby head of lettuce is a survivor. It hailed this week, and most of the lettuce lost the battle. The Swiss chard was also forced to go into battle. Swiss chard is naturally neutral and avoids confrontation at all costs, so this battle was exceptionally tough on the chard. It lost the battle — but not the war (it’s been plucked and will hopefully come back stronger and with more character).

In other good news, my super-cool parents (hi, guys!) purchased their first laptop yesterday! My momma should have some good comments. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to My Cabbage Patch “Kid”

  1. Angie says:

    I’m so sad for all your pictures!!! 😦 –> that sad face is sympathy through the internet. On the other hand, being able to salvage some music and the joy of a lettuce patch kid-head is awesome.

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