First Crop!

I had my first harvest tonight! And its name is…rhubarb!

I’d be a lot more excited about rhubarb if my name was Barb. I’d probably become obsessed with the stuff and attempt to eat it at every meal. But, alas, my name is Laura. And I don’t know of any fruits or veggies named Laura. All I have are Lara Bars — and that’s a stretch.

I like picking rhubarb. But I only kind of like eating rhubarb. The only recipe I really like is a rhubarb sauce that can be served over ice cream or plain yogurt. It’s tasty, but it looks a little chunky and funky. Eh.

Along the same lines of “things that seem super exciting and then become slightly anti-climactic” is this Kombucha:

I hung out in my yard last night, and I was viciously attacked by allergens. My eyes were all burn-y and my nose was all runny this morning. A normal person would probably purchase allergy medication. I decided Kombucha would be less expensive and more fun. So, I stopped at Gateway Market and purchased two teas — original and multi green.

As I was paying for the tea, the cashier asked if Kombucha “did anything for me.” I said I was battling allergies, and Kombucha would probably be a magical cure. The cashier got all wide-eyed and asked if Kombucha cured allergies. As I cannot lie to an innocent little cashier, I said it did not. I informed him I was using it as a placebo.

Multi Green Kombucha seemed to have more “healing” qualities than the plain stuff, so I opened that one first. I was greeted with a lovely burbling of what can only be described as tasty pond scum. Note the green scum on the empty bottle — and magnify that by about 1 million. In a desperate attempt to save my $4 tea, I began licking the bottle and my hand. It wasn’t pretty. And I was actually walking up the stairs to my office while doing this. When I got to my office and took a peek in my little “do I have food stuck in my teeth” mirror, I saw the tasty pond scum was also all over my mouth. Attractive.

Anyone can purchase Claritin D — only the special kids fight allergies with Kombucha.

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3 Responses to First Crop!

  1. Meredith says:

    You are, indeed, special. Also, as Claritin doesn’t cost $4 a pill, I think you may be pursuing a more expensive, less effective cure, but whatever floats your boat.

  2. Carissa says:

    You have to try a batch of my mom’s rhubarb dessert bars! ~ Carissa
    Step 1: Mix 2c flour, 1c powdered sugar, 1c butter and Press into a 9×13 pan
    Step 2: Bake 15min @ 350-degrees
    Step 3: Beat 4 eggs
    Step 4: Add 4c course-chopped rhubarb, 2c white sugar, 1/2c flour, dash salt with beaten eggs
    Step 5: Spread mixture over baked crust (from step 2)
    Step 6: Bake 35-45min @ 350-degrees (done when middle appears set like a custard)

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