A Wednesday Chronology

Oh, Wednesday. You’ve always been like a Wednesday to me.

Let’s have a little recap.

I biked to work. The weather was perfect. During my commute, I saw a person walking against the flow of traffic on Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway. (I always feel the need to say that in a British accent because I’ve spent far too much time listening to my Garmin. My Garmin speaks with a British accent.) Luckily, drivers seemed to swerve and break for the random road pedestrian.

I biked to tennis and experienced week #4 of tennis with Betsy. This week, Meredith noticed a tattoo on Betsy’s left arm. (I think Betsy may have worn long sleeves during weeks 1-3.) When Betsy wears short sleeves, two little legs hang down past her shirt sleeve. My new goal in life is to identify Betsy’s tat. The little legs seemed to have hooves, so my initial guess is some sort of animal. I may have to break down and ask her if I haven’t identified it by week #7.

I started to bike home after tennis…and trajedy struck! My rear bike tire was a flattie. I called Triple A (aka Meredith), and she rescued me and my disabled bike.

I consoled myself with food. I’m fairly sure I’d eat my garden shoes if I dipped them in Trader Joe’s mustard. It makes everything tasty oh-so-good. I recently purchased some Trader Joe’s tempeh, so I mixed the tempeh with some red pepper, onion, mushrooms, and spinach (and mustard!). I sampled the tempeh before cooking it — and it was not tasty at all. For some reason, this did not deter me from dumping half the package into the skillet and mixing potential bad food with known good foods.

The result = YUM! Cooking the tempeh worked magic…or perhaps the mustard is magic and it made the tempeh fabulous.

Mowing is my favorite summer hobby — so I mowed after dinner. My mower must have been extra aggressive tonight, because I found this in my hair post mow:

In case anyone wanted to play “Where’s Waldo?” with this picture, there are two twigs in my hair. I have no idea how this happened. Perhaps I need to stop grazing in the back yard.

Barring extreme rain, I declare the upcoming weekend to be the “weekend of weeding.” The weeds are taking over. And not in a friendly way.

After mowing, I decided to eat some bananas. I’ve recently discovered the joy of eating frozen bananas. I just cut them up into little banana-lettes, freeze them, and bask in their deliciousness. They’re exceptionally good dipped in peanut butter.

I’m pretty sure I ate all three of the nanners I cut up last night. And, I ate them while I checked and responded to emails. This means my laptop has large areas of banana residue. I hope it benefits from this dose of potassium.

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One Response to A Wednesday Chronology

  1. Meredith says:

    Oooh….I TOTALLY want to be there when you ask Betsy about her tattoo. 🙂

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