Adventures in Biking

It’s Bike to Work Week! Bike to Work Week is like a week-long holiday!

So far (knock on laptop) the weather has been most excellent, and my bike rides to and from work have been beautiful. Plus, I haven’t been hit by oncoming traffic.

Here’s my parking spot at work:

I find the bike adds a nice feng shui to my office. I like looking at my bike all day while I work. It’s a happy little bike. It’s not a road bike, so it gets passed by almost every other bike on the road. But it’s ok with that.

It even has a happy little bell.

The bell is European. Meredith purchased it for my bike during her European vacation. My bike is forever grateful. Because nothing says “move it, buster!” better than a happy little “ting, ting:)” (I needed to end the noise with a smiley face because my bell sounds exceedingly cheery.)

Really, the only downside to biking to work is the food issue. Biking to work forces me to pack small lunches, because everything has to fit in my little black bike bag. Luckily, I’m short. And, short people wear short clothes and usually have short shoes. This saves a little room in the bag for food. But not much room.

Monday was rough. For some strange reason, I assumed I could sustain life with two granola bars, two apples, and two (tiny) sweet potatoes. (Apparently, I channeled my inner Noah when packing my paired lunch items.)

Lunch fail. I was starving by 3:00.

I emailed Meredith and whined about my lack of food and my hungry tummy. She responded with appropriate sympathy and then proceeded to tell me she’d just ordered the cake for a friend’s baby shower.

Cake! I love celebratory cake! (Somehow, birthday/anniversary/graduation/shower cake always takes a million times better than non-special occasion cake.) This mention of celebratory cake was especially cruel, given my hunger pangs. I told her this in a reply email.

Today, I managed to cram much more food into my bag. Of course, I had to pack my lunch in the same compartment as my work clothes. This meant my blueberry yogurt was kind of surrounded by my skirt. I realized this was a risk, but it was a risk I was willing to take. I love blueberry yogurt. It would probably look ok on my skirt.

I also unpacked my deodorant to make room for my entire hummus container. (Please don’t tell my co-workers about this.)

When I arrived at work, I unpacked my bag. Success! The yogurt had remained in the container! Granted, there was a small tear in the lid of the yogurt container, but my skirt was lactose free.

I have high hopes for tomorrow’s lunch.

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One Response to Adventures in Biking

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m glad it’s a happy little bell, since you’re a happy little Laura when you ride your bike. 🙂

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