Oats, Desk Chairs, and Mold

This morning was extra good because of this little fella:

It’s an empty peanut butter jar. I finally figured out that I can pour my morning oats into an almost-empty peanut butter jar for an extra-peanut buttery oat extravaganza.

And, the best news ever is that I also am the proud owner of an almost-empty jar of almond butter! This is clearly breakfast excitement to the max.

 As they say in any respectable infomercial (including my favorite Pajama Jean advertisement that offers a t-shirt with purchase) — but wait, there’s more. More excitement, that is.

In addition to my extra-exciting oats, I also got (ta da!) a new desk chair at work! My rump spends a lot of time at my work desk, so a new chair is a big moment in my life.

Here is it:

I was informed this chair has been around since the 1950s, and it may be the oldest piece of furniture at my office.

I like it. The only downside — it’s a little taller than my old chair, so my feet don’t touch the floor when my back is against the chair.


Apparently, I’m even too short for 1950’s furniture.


After exploiting Meredith’s chocolate bunny (hereinafter referred to as  Lindt Gold Bunny), I decided to exploit my own refrigerator items. Why? Because I have no shame. None. (Ok…maybe a teeny bit.)
I present:  HUMMUS!

Or penicillin. Take your pick.

I got rid of this little science experiment. Lindt Gold Bunny was complaining.

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One Response to Oats, Desk Chairs, and Mold

  1. Meredith says:

    Lindt Gold Bunny is kind of high maintenance about mold. Sorry about that. 🙂

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