Stuff That Happens When It Rains

It’s been raining this evening. This prevented me from running outside and prevented me from mowing my back yard. But, I’ll look on the bright side. Other stuff happened because of the rain.

1.  It didn’t start raining until almost 7, so my tennis class wasn’t rained out. This meant I got to bond with Betsy, the tennis instructor frequently known as Betty (but only by me). The sky was pretty dark during class, and there were frequent flashes of lightning. But we persevered — all for the love of tennis.

Betsy and I had a lovely conversation while I attempted to perfect my volley. Our conversation went something like this:  [note that Betsy’s half of the conversation was done in a deadpan that she has perfected]

Betsy:  “It’s going to rain soon. Do you know how I know this?”

Me:  “Because a previously broken bone is aching?”

Betsy:  “No. Because my ears are ringing — but I have had bones removed. That’s another story. I had extra bone removed from my ankle. And I had my gallbladder removed. But I guess that’s not a bone.”

And, I now know why I’ve never heard anyone talk about breaking his/her gallbladder — turns out, it’s not a bone. Maybe gallbladders are made of cheese. Like the moon.

2.  Bunnies travel indoors when it rains.

This particular bunny came in out of the rain and moved into my refrigerator.  His name is Lindt Gold Bunny. Unlike gallbladders (which are probably made of cheese), Lindt Gold Bunny is made of chocolate.

When I spotted Lindt Gold Bunny, I assumed he was trying to eat my carrots. Then, upon closer inspection, I noticed he was injured.

I think Lindt Gold Bunny either got a lobotomy or had an ear amputated. Either way, he was a little out of sorts. Given his weakened state, I determined my carrots were safe and closed the refrigerator door. I’ll check on Lindt Gold Bunny tomorrow and report back on his condition. His ear/brain may heal.


3.  Finally, rainy weather means I have no excuse for this:

They’re all clean. They just don’t want to be folded. My clothes would rather roam free, like the buffalo. (And, if you look closely, you can see a pair of jeans about ready to execute its escape.)

I cleaned the bathroom tonight — I just wasn’t ready to put my laundry away. It’s just so handy to have everything on the floor. Perhaps I can teach Lindt Gold Bunny to fold clothes.

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5 Responses to Stuff That Happens When It Rains

  1. Meredith says:

    Lindt Gold Bunny got a little melty in the cupboard so he visited the fridge. I do enjoy your exploits. 🙂 And oh, Betty/Betsy…the woman never ceases to amuse.

  2. Angela says:

    Lindt Gold Bunny has a twin in Maryland. They must have been separated at birth. We could attempt to reunite them, but as of today, all that’s left of Lindt Gold Bunny of Maryland is feet and a tail. That might be disturbing for Lindt Gold Bunny of Iowa.

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