She’s a Brick . . . Patio?

I was on vacation today. It was technically a staycation, because I partied in my yard all day.

I also built a brick tower that’s almost as tall as me! (I’m short, so this may not be that impressive…but it means short arms built the tower.)

Who wouldn’t want to take a staycation to build a giant brick tower? Duh.

The bricks in the tower are bricks from my little brick patio. The poor brick patio was all lumpy and weedy, and it was kind of collapsing. So, I decided to disassemble it and start from scratch. I really don’t have a plan for the “new” patio, but I’m sure it will be fabulous. My new fabulous patio will increase my enjoyment of lovely summer weather.

Here’s today’s progress:

The entire dirt area used to be bricks. I wedged each brick out of the ground with a garden trowel. (My trowel now has a broken, jagged edge. When I complained to John, his response went something like, “You broke your trowel digging bricks? Weird.” There may have been sarcasm.)

Clearly, I need better masonry tools. Bricks are heavy. And the bricks occasionally smashed my fingers.

The good news items of the day:

– I still have all 10 fingers. None are bleeding or noticeably disfigured.

– I removed a lot of bricks from my old patio. I feel all tuff.

– I listened to a lot of podcasts during my staycation. One podcast told me the happiest people tend to eat oatmeal for breakfast. That news made me happy, because I’ve eaten oatmeal almost every day for the past seven years. Just think of all the happy oat residue living in me! Apparently, I’d be happier if I topped my oats with walnuts. I like to think bananas and walnuts are practically the same thing. I often confuse the two items.

– I traveled to the grocery store after I stopped yarding. I found Kombucha tea. I’d read stuff about it, and I was intrigued enough to invest $3 to satisfy my curiosity. It’s fermented tea stuff that comes from a mother…so in my mind, it’s kind of like vinegar tea. Plus, I figured Kombucha and I would have a lot in common, since I came from a mother, too.

My Kombucha tasting was a success. It’s definitely got a distinct taste, but I’m almost 100% sure I really liked it. The fermentation kind of makes it taste like the tea mated with a beer. That description doesn’t do it justice — it’s good! Really! Plus, the bottle claims Kombucha cures any possible ailment a human could have. So, between last night’s wheat grass grazing and tonight’s Kombucha, I’ll probably live to be at least 123. Which means I’ll have many years to enjoy my patio!

The bad news items of the day:

– I’m an idiot at applying sunscreen. I applied sunscreen — I just forgot an area on my back. And I always, always forget that my shirt and shorts don’t meet when I bend over. This means I have a lovely burned stripe on my back EVERY SUMMER. You can’t re-create my tan in a tanning bed. And someday a dermatologist will wonder why I have a strip of sun damage right above my pants. The dermatologist will probably tell me I was an idiot at sunscreen application.

– My hands already look 123. They are brick stackin’ hands.

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3 Responses to She’s a Brick . . . Patio?

  1. Meredith says:

    Wow. WOW. That’s quite impressive. As is your strip o’ sunburn.

  2. Stacey says:

    I enjoy that you let the furniture stay for the adventure!

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