Birthday Burritos and Bloomin’ Tulips

At my house, birthdays = birthday burritos!

Bandit Burrito is by far the most superior burrito joint in Des Moines. Hands down. And, despite my midget-like size, I am a big fan of eating massive quantities of good food. (I once dated a guy who thought dating a midget meant he’d get to eat 1/2 of my dinner in addition to his. HA!)

Here are our burritos.

Mine is on the right. And this picture may not even do it justice. It was also significantly heavier than Meredith’s burrito. Had I not eaten my burrito in about five minutes (five very tasty minutes), my burrito probably would have eaten Meredith’s burrito. It was that big.

The highlight of the burrito was a fabulous habanero/fresh strawberry salsa. Yum.

I may be in the market for burrit0-eating competitions in addition to asparagus-eating competitions. I could probably dominate either challenge. 

                                                                                                  My hefty burrito left me wanting…a banana. Not just any ‘naner, but a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. 

Chocolate-covered bananas may look a little questionable, but they’re delightful.

Frozen bananas come from Snookies ice cream shop. Trips to Snookies are super fun for several reasons other than the frozen bananas. (1) Many people bring their pups to Snookies for the pup cones, and few things are more entertaining than watching pups of all sizes snarf little pup cones; and (2) you can play the “what will this person order?” game (yes, that’s the name of the game — very creative, I know!). Example:  you see a man step up to the window to order, and you guess what he’ll get — malt? shake? sundae? The correct guesser gets bragging rights. I’m a horrible ice cream guesser, but the game brings me joy.

On Saturday, I went to Pella with Meredith, Carolyn, Stacey, and Carissa (peeps from UNI). It was Pella Tulip Time, and the tulips were perfect! It kind of made me want to find some wooden shoes in my size and add “Van” to my last name.

I settled for tiptoeing through the tulips. (If you didn’t catch the “tiptoe through the tulips” reference, you should watch this video.) I grew up knowing who Tiny Tim was — apparently, that wasn’t the norm.

I was very careful and didn’t tiptoe on any tulips. I respect my flora.

My traveling companions in front of a GIANT Tulip Time sign (Pella people take their tulips very seriously):

They’re very happy to be spending the day with me. Hence, the smiles.

We watched a lovely parade with an impressive amount of wooden shoes.

Random Tulip Time observations:

1. Crocs seem to be the choice shoe for those without wooden footwear.

2. Statement made by a junior high-age boy to his friends — “We can do that . . . as long as we wash our hands first.” (We have no idea what they were going to do, but we desperately wanted to know . . . or maybe we didn’t.)

My friends and I took two cars to Pella. My little Hyundai decided to race Carolyn’s Prius back to Des Moines. Its shortcut involved gravel . . . and then a dirt cow path with giant boulders.

No worries — the little Hyundai survived. And it totally beat the Prius by 10+ minutes! Carissa and I sat in a parking lot during those “extra” 10 minutes . . . but we got bragging rights! So, if anyone wants a fabulous shortcut to Pella, contact my Garmin. It knows good stuff.

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One Response to Birthday Burritos and Bloomin’ Tulips

  1. Meredith says:

    Best. Weekend. Ever.

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