My New “Collection”

I found this in my backyard several months ago.

I was extremely perplexed when I found this because I have a fenced-in backyard.

I strongly encouraged my roommate to take the mystery item to Scrabble club, because one of her Scrabble buddies is a veterinarian. (I wrapped it in a little produce baggie for the trip.)

It was identified as a deer jawbone. I have no idea how a deer’s jaw got into my yard. I suspect alien activity.

I kept the jawbone for the novelty. Plus, you never know when you’ll need an extra jawbone. I chew a lot of gum. I might need a replacement jaw someday. When that day comes, I’ll go to my basement and get my extra jaw. It’ll probably be a little large, but I’ll make it work.

Sunday evening, John said he had a present for me. I had a present for him, too, since it was May Day and I like to observe every holiday in my planner.

My present to John = dark chocolate.

His present to me =

This new “friend” was found during a mushroom hunt. It appears to be a deer skull sans jawbone.

I reunited the skull with the jawbone. Now, I just need the rest of the deer. I think it was a doe…a deer…a female deer.

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One Response to My New “Collection”

  1. Meredith says:

    If you start building an entire deer skeleton, I am going to be weirded out.

    Also, I find it extremely appropriate that John is a vegetarian and he “hunts” mushrooms.

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