I finished a big project at work today. The project involved a giant hole puncher and a lot o’ paper. After I (finally!) completed the work, I picked up the big ol’ comb binder…and this happened:

Nothing like a confetti party to brighten an office. I tried to scoop up as many little hole punchlettes as possible to many sure they ended up in the recycling bin, but it was a losing battle. I eventually gave up and enjoyed the “party.” Woo!

My tulips are having a bit of a party in my yard! It’s very exciting!

I decided to spruce (tree humor…get it?) up the yard this weekend and launched a battle against a little tree.
Tree before battle:

And tree after battle:

Although it looks like I just weeded around the tree, I really did manage to dig some of it out of the ground. Really! I tried my very hardest to get a large chunk out of the ground so the picture would be super impressive. Alas, it did not happen. The tree won round one of the battle. But I’m watching that tree…and when it least expects it…*pow*…(sound of Laura’s super-powered garden spade).

Digging really is kind of fun. I think I may have been a gopher in a past life. Or a helper monkey.

I made asparagus and morel mushrooms over an hour ago. According to a recipe, asparagus “marries well” with morels, and I like to create nice food pairings. I want my foods to be happy together as they rest in my tummy. Fighting foods = not happy Laura. Anyway, I found a piece of asparagus on my bedroom floor a minute ago. I noticed the “floor asparagus” when I stepped on it.

Floor asparagus tastes pretty good. (Note:  when my mom reads this, she’ll probably think “Lau-raaa, you weren’t raised to eat floor asparagus!” The answer is:  no, no I wasn’t. It’s a lovely habit I picked up in adulthood.)

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