Tennis With Betty

My roommate and I are taking tennis lessons. It seems like a good skill to acquire. And, the racket was only $20, so it’s cheaper than golf.

Our instructor is Betty. Betty doesn’t really smile at anything. She seems to be mostly stoic.

The class has four people. The first informal roll call went something like this:

Betty:  “What’s your name?”

Me:  “Laura.”

Betty:  “Hi, Laura. I’m Betty.”

[next person]

Betty:  “What’s your name?”

Meredith:  “Meredith.”

Betty:  “Hi, Meredith. I’m Betty.”

This conversation continued two more times. We were all standing very close to each other. So we were all very well aware of the fact that her name was Betty by the time the fourth person introduced himself.

You’d think Betty would have paid very close attention to the introductions. However, she thought Mary’s name was Jane until Mary corrected her.

During the first class, Betty’s favorite phrase was, “that’s all that is.”

An example:  I swung my racket at a tennis ball lobbed over the net by Betty. Instead of hitting the ball back over the net at Betty, the ball rocketed in the opposite direction. Betty’s response:  “Your right foot didn’t pivot. That’s all that is.”

Somehow, I doubt my right foot was entirely at fault in that mess. But, who am I to question the instructor?

Betty also said she didn’t enjoy playing with old balls. I laughed. Betty did not.

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4 Responses to Tennis With Betty

  1. Meredith says:

    Yay tennis! Um, also her name was Betsy. So apparently she needed to say it more times. 🙂

    • bloglette says:

      How ’bout we just call her “Betty” (with air quotes). Plus, Betty is a great nickname for Betsy. It’s true.

    • Carolyn says:

      Ha! That cracks me up that despite all the repetitions you still thought it was Betty! 🙂

      • bloglette says:

        But does it surprise you? 🙂 I confuse almost everyone’s name. I only get yours right (most of the time) because I’ve known you for over 10 years.

        I also confuse produce names. A lot of them. And song lyrics.

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