Yarding and Hunting

My battery-powered lawn mower ran out of go-juice before my lawn was completely mowed.

The un-mowed patch of grass in the middle of my backyard was a “no-mow-hawk.” Tonight, I gave the mow-hawk a trim, and my yard is all one length. The peasants rejoiced.

This little flower just started blooming in my yard. I believe it’s a Delphinium. Perennials are the best type of flower friends. They’re quite loyal and come back every year.

In food news, I finally ate Morel mushrooms! One word — fabulous! Most people probably aren’t referring to Morels when they have a “life-altering mushroom experience.” I am.

I’m contemplating quitting my job and becoming a professional hunter/gatherer. It could be quite rewarding during the 3-4 weeks of the year when there are mushrooms and berries to be hunted and gathered. During the other 48-49 weeks of the year, I’d probably just have to “gather” from other people’s gardens…or my parents’ pantry.

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