Easter Egg-citement!

I just finished off my chocolate bunny. Another Easter has come and gone. (And, in case anyone was wondering, I eat my chocolate bunnies head first. It seems more humane.)

My roommate and I traveled to my parent’s house for Easter dinner. My mom purchased a ton of asparagus and roasted it until it was all nice and roasty. Roasted asparagus = one of the best foods EVER!

I forgot to get a before picture of the massive quantity of asparagus. I was too focused on eating as much asparagus as I could without exploding.

My mission was a total success. These are the leftovers:

If anyone knows of any asparagus-eating competitions, sign me up!

Easter was extra exciting this year because my cousin and her mom were visiting from St. Louis. My cousin is having a baby in July, so I naturally offered my superior baby-naming skills. The baby’s last name will be Williams, and I had two amazing name ideas. Amazing!

1. Venus Flytrap Williams, or

2. Sherwin Williams.

Either name pretty much guarantees the kid will be successful in life. The baby is a girl, but I think Sherwin is gender neutral.

I’m terribly sad to announce neither name was selected. Bummer. But, I tried. Perhaps someone will agree to let me name their baby…someday. Until then, I’ll just keep naming plants. At the moment, I have six little basil plants on my window sill. They are Leif 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. (Leif 1 was an earlier basil plant who passed before his (her?) time.)

The other big Easter news involved my dad…and his newly-de-mustached face! Here’s the reveal:

It was a bit of shock to see my dad without a mustache, but I’m a big fan!

The stuffed rabbit in the picture was unearthed from the basement. His name is Yegbert. He was the Easter stuffed animal at Younkers many years ago. Legend has it, I saw the stuffed rabbit in Younkers and immediately wanted it. My mom said the rabbit was too expensive, and I couldn’t have one. I wasn’t concerned — I just said, “it’s ok, the Easter Bunny will bring one for me.” The “Easter Bunny” didn’t let me down. Yegbert was waiting for me on Easter morning and was a good friend for many years.

My mom really likes holiday decorations. In the winter, the house gets taken over by a friendly troop of snowmen decorations. This time of year, bunnies decorate almost every flat surface. I like to hunt for rabbits when I visit. I photographed today’s hunt. First, I hunted a ceramic bunny.

Then I moved on to a stuffed bunny.

They didn’t stand a chance.

My mom doesn’t really appreciate my “rabbit hunts.” Her response is usually, “Lau-raaaaa!” She likes to extend the second syllable of my name.

I tried to get my mom to pose for a picture, but she mistook me for the Paparazzi. It’s a common mistake. My mom is very famous.

My grandma was a better sport. She’s smiling even though her hand (the one not pictured) is all bandaged after hand surgery. This is why my grandma is super cool. She made me angel food cake today. She gives me angel food cake because I’m her little angel. (Really. She’s told me this many times.)

Now, I must finish digesting all the asparagus I consumed. Ooof.

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3 Responses to Easter Egg-citement!

  1. Meredith says:

    I feel that your blog-reading public may underestimate your asparagus consumption without a “before” picture. That is unfortunate. It was a lot of asparagus. And no mention of the sweet potatoes, strawberries, or salad that was also consumed….you had a very fibrous Easter.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    For some reason, I just thought of “Yegbert” and Googled it for fun. Your story is about exactly like mine! 🙂 I saw it in the store many years ago and immediately wanted one! It was so soft! I ended up getting one for Easter, and it was one of my favorite stuffed animals for years. It’s still in my parent’s attic. 🙂

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