It’s almost Easter. And, really, nothing says “Happy Easter” better than a:

(This particular Peep was a little embarrassed I photographed his bare marshmallow side.)

Easter is also synonymous with PEEP JOUSTING! It’s a sport. Really, it is!

Allow me to explain. First, the contestants enter the ring (aka microwave).

Then, the contestants get microwaved — 24 seconds seemed to be a good microwaving time.

Finally — one Peep is victorious!

 Win for the Yellow Peep!

 Win for Pink! (Narrow miss by Yellow.)

Yellow attempts a comeback, but Pink is one tuff Peep. Round 3 = draw.

Post-competition remains. It’s a smooshed Peep — with a little jousting stick still in it. Perhaps this is a little morbid.

The competition ring really gets messy. And my camera is a little sticky. But, everything is better with marshmallow, right?


Peeps of all sizes love my house!

Happy jousting!

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3 Responses to Peeps!

  1. Meredith says:

    LOVE IT.

  2. Sara says:

    Laura, I look forward to your blogs every single morning. And this one make me laugh so hard! You cannot stop your blog, EVER!!!

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