ARRRRRRRRn’t you jealous you don’t have a Buff?

Carolyn and I traveled to the Twin Cities this weekend to visit her grandma, a friend from college, and one of her friends from Nigeria. A fabulous time was had by all.

We stopped at REI during our little weekend excursion.

REI sells gear for outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, and biking. I’d like to add gardening to REI’s list of outdoor sports. In my world, gardening is a sport. During my three years of gardening, I’ve encountered vicious raspberry vines (I still hold a grudge), poison ivy, and a lot of questionable bugs. I’ve also gotten a few blistering sunburns. Hence, the need for pirate gear.

Who would have thought a Buff (the official name of my pirate gear) could be so fun?! There are 12 ways to tie the little piece o’ fabric! Granted, I’m a little obsessed with the pirate headdress, but I may eventually tire of being a pirate and explore other fashions.

Until then, I’ll just work on being the very best pirate I can be:

I didn’t have a parrot, so I used a Peep from last year’s Easter basket. It seemed seasonally appropriate. Unfortunately, the Peep makes peeping sounds when it moves, and it wouldn’t stop peeping after I set it back on its perch. Several hours later, I had to pop the little Peep in the beak to shush it. (Please don’t report me; it was a gentle pop.)

In other news, my mom called this evening to tell me that my dad SHAVED HIS MOUSTACHE AND BEARD! (Post-shave, he collected the hair and asked if he should donate it. I doubt there’s much market for beard and moustache hair. Perhaps I’m wrong.)

This is my dad pre-shave:

(He keeps Christmas in his heart all year.)

I’ve never known my dad without a moustache. Never! We’ve known each other for 28 years, and I’ve never seen his upper lip!

I talked to my dad on the phone post-shave and asked him to describe his new look. He said he looked like me. This may be accurate, since I don’t have a mustache or beard. And my dad and I kind of have the same haircut.

I’ll see him this weekend. I may not recognize him at first, but I’m sure he’ll re-introduce himself to me.

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One Response to ARRRRRRRRn’t you jealous you don’t have a Buff?

  1. Meredith says:

    Love it! (Although I am not at all jealous to be buff-less. I don’t think I’d like being in the buff). 🙂

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