Stuff Is Blooming!

Bulbs are a beautiful thing. Just when you think you’ll explode if you have to trudge through one more winter day, the sun comes out and little plants start peeking out of the dirt. And that makes my little soul very happy.

I have a pretty big yard. This means I have plenty of room for veggies and flowers! Here’s a sample of my pretty little flowers:

Little peonies! Soon they’ll be all big and bloomy just like their daffodil friends!

Look! Green leaves on my new apple tree! This could be promising for anyone who wants applesauce at my house in the fall!

My parents gave me a giant sack of 100 tulip bulbs last year, and I planted all 100. I planted the little fellas on a cold fall day, and I’m pretty sure my fingers were numb after I planted bulb #4…but it’s all worth it now! Baby tulips! [However, I have noticed unwanted yard rabbits munching on the tulips, so they may not make it to adulthood.]

The only troubling aspect of my yard at the moment is large spots of dead grass.

That used to be green. Something happened. My dad suggested aliens may be the cause of this. Co-workers said my yard might be overrun with grubs. I have a grub in the house —

my grub sock puppet. I wasn’t aware of outdoor grubs. I’ll have to speak to my indoor grub about this.

I’ll address the dead grass/crop circle issue this weekend. The nice workers at Earl May always appreciate it when I bring in a chunk of my yard and request diagnostics.

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2 Responses to Stuff Is Blooming!

  1. Angie says:

    All your pretty spring green makes me happy. I’m intrigued by the crop circles in your yard. My money is on whatever is not grubs.

    • bloglette says:

      I’ll keep you posted:) A co-worker told me there’s an organic “getting rid of grubs” recipe that involves honey and oats. I also enjoy eating those things. So, I may have a buffet in the yard for me and the grubs. You’re totally invited.

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