Why Did the Beaver Cross the Road?

The world may never know. But here’s my hypothesis:

John and I were driving to my parents’ house yesterday when we spotted some interesting roadkill. After brief discussion, we decided it looked like a pig. Or a deer in pig’s clothing. (You know the phrase…”like a deer in pig’s clothing.” It’s a popular little phrase.)

This observation prompted various recitations of “this little piggy.” This one may have gone “wee wee wee,” but he didn’t make it all the way home.

Several hours later, we drove home past the scene of the infamous roadkill. We really wanted to catch a second glimpse at the pig. Perhaps it had really been a deer. We were giddy with anticipation, hopeful that some sort of rendering truck hadn’t come along and scooped up the roadside creature.

Luckily, the roadkill was still there. Unluckily, we weren’t able to get a good look at it when I cruised past the second time.

So, I turned my car around and pulled up next to the roadkill. And…it wasn’t a pig.

It was a roadkill beaver. That’s right — it definitely had a beaver tail.

It was right next to a rural water tower, so we suspected it was trying to cross the road to get to the water tower. Hence, the answer to the age-old joke.

I just wonder what the body shop employee thought when a customer came in and said he hit a beaver with his car.

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