Spotted From the Road

I appreciate a car with good license plate or bumper sticker. It spices up my car time. My very favorite license plates are plates that aren’t personalized but still spell a fun word. Good examples include:  HAT, POO, SOY, and RAE (my middle name). The lucky recipients of these plates got a vanity plate for free! Best deal ever!

I was super excited when I got new plates with my new Hyundai. When the dealership called to tell me my license plates had come in, it was like Christmas. The anticipation! What if my plates spelled a word!!

Turns out, my license plates were a giant disappointment. They don’t spell anything — I can’t even come up with a good acronym. Total bummer.

However, during recent travels I had some interesting “car literature” sightings.

I drove behind the following vanity plate for nearly an hour this weekend — OTTRLVR. I assume this person has a pet otter that is very much appreciated.

I also spotted a bumper sticker that said “Good Judgment” and “Poor Judgment.” Smaller phrases were written below each headline. I followed the car for several miles in an unsuccessful attempt to read the bumper sticker. I tried driving to the left and right of the car — I also tried following the car rather closely (not tailgating, Mom — just following closely). Nothing worked.

I finally decided it was poor judgment for me to attempt to read the stupid bumper sticker and aborted my mission.

In other news…


Baby daffodils!

I also planted two apple trees! Here’s one of them:

(The other one looks pretty much like this one.)

This is round two of apple tree planting. My first two apple trees became rabbit food. Silly rabbits.

I have high hopes for these trees. They’ll make it. Applesauce at my house next year!

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One Response to Spotted From the Road

  1. Meredith says:

    I wonder if under “Good Judgment” it said “not trying to read the fine print on bumper stickers”. Just a thought. 🙂

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