Royalty Is Overrated

I had Princess Diana paper dolls when I was little.

I don’t think I had any other “royal” paper dolls, so I think Princess Diana may have been forced to hang with Punky Brewster. I’m sure they got along famously.

These paper dolls may have been the start of my slight fascination with British royalty. Like every other American, I enjoy a good British accent. 

Prince William is almost exactly my age — only one month (and an ocean) separate us. I never really had celebrity crushes growing up, but I did always think Prince William and I would hit it off if we managed to meet. After all — we’re the same age and I played with a two-dimensional version of his mother as a small child! Clearly, we have a lot in common.

In my fantasy world, we’d meet and he’d be instantly impressed with my bad British accent. We’d watch Monty Python, and I’d drink tea with the queen (pinkies up!).

Shockingly, I never met Prince William. And now he’s marrying Kate Middleton.

And I’m 100% ok with this. Being a member of the royal family would totally cramp my style.

I bet the royal family would frown on my eating habits. Brussels sprouts as a main dish probably isn’t very royal. Gas probably isn’t very royal, either. And jokes about poo are probably not appreciated.

Poor Kate. She may never experience the joy of going to the grocery store in pajamas that she’s worn for 2 1/2 days. In my world, that joy is better than a giant ring.

I will be a tad jealous of Kate if she gets her own paper dolls. I think a paper version of me would be quite fetching.

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2 Responses to Royalty Is Overrated

  1. Meredith says:

    What a coincidence—the prince and I are also separated by a month and an ocean! And he’s a swimmer, so I thought we’d have that in common. 🙂 We can totally make our own paper dolls. It’d be fun. They’d probably be the first paper dolls to include sweat pants as an outfit.

  2. Sara says:

    Love it Ladies! Can I have a paper doll too? She will be at work a lot. 🙂
    Myself, I’ve got a little thing for Prince Harry, but then I always did like the bad boy types. The problem is they never liked me back! Maybe there’s still hope for me and Harry.

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