Tire Rotation!

My little Hyundai is growing up. It got its tires rotated for the first time today. Exciting stuff.

Actually, tire rotation may not be all it’s cracked up to be. It might be equivalent to a person being forced to wear his shoes on the wrong feet for approximately 6,000 miles. Ouch. I’ll be on the lookout for car bunions.

The Hyundai service technician fetched me from the waiting room after my car was rotated and clean. However, before returning my keys, he said he’d found something strange under my seat. He found this:

I informed him the mystery object was a Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack. I attempted to make a joke about my car liking to snack on seaweed. The Hyundai service person just gave me a puzzled look and said he was glad I knew what it was.

I guess seaweed humor has a fairly narrow audience.

I bet car owners with Cheetos under the driver’s seat aren’t forced to play “snack food identification” before getting their car keys.

The slightly more pathetic aspect of this story is the fact that I seriously considered eating my little roasted seaweed friend after it was located by the service tech. This is because the bag of Trader Joe’s carrots in my lunch was oddly slimy. It was highly disappointing, and I seriously considered returning the bag to Trader Joe’s. However, I got pretty hungry around 5…and the carrots conveniently got less slimy around that same time. Slimy-ish carrots are ok. I did some soul-searching and discovered I was ok with slimy-ish carrot consumption. The slime may aid in digestion.

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One Response to Tire Rotation!

  1. Angie says:

    I laughed so hard about playing “snack food identification” that I cried/am still crying.

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