An Afternoon of Theatre

I went to the theatre this afternoon. It was definitely the theatre, as opposed to theater, because my Garmin (kind of) assisted with my travels and he has a British accent.

I saw Pride and Prejudice, a high school production directed by Stacey, a college buddy. (Note:  Stacey is also the namer and godparent of Julius, my orange tree.) She’s a smart, fun girl, so the play was obviously fabulous.

I’d never read the book, so this high school production was my first Jane Austen experience. I’m not sure if I should be ashamed to admit this was my first Jane Austen encounter, or if I should be proud to actually have a minimal understanding of Pride and Prejudice after today. I’ll stick with the second option.

I’m pretty pleased I actually followed most of the plot. This is a big deal in my world. I think I have some sort of mental block when it comes to understanding slightly complex movies and plays. I have vivid memories of going to see Lord of the Rings in the theater and not understanding the storyline at all. Pathetic, I know. At some point in the movie, some random character says, “only elves can save you now” (or something like that) — I misunderstood this line and thought the character said, “only Elvis can save you now.” I muttered the incorrect line outloud because I was so confused, and the person sitting behind me immediately whispered “ELVES! He said elves!”

Clearly, the person sitting behind me (and most 8-year-old kids) had higher Lord of the Rings comprehension skills than I did. However, my basic understanding of Pride and Prejudice may be evidence that my sub-par comprehension skills are slowly improving.

In other news:

1. I purchased the best figs ever at Trader Joe’s. It must be prime fig season. They were large and super figgy. They might be good figs for figgy pudding. Unfortunately, I have little desire to make figgy pudding.

2. I finally fit a giant chunk o’ tree into my yard waste container. It was too tall for the yard waste container, so I figured I’d have to saw it into two or three pieces. However, I was somehow able to break it half with my own brute strength and the two pieces just happened to fit in the yard waste container!

3. I had a discussion with my roommate about Scrabble. I learned muclucs and mukluks are valid Scrabble words. Repooping is not a valid Scrabble word. I may start a campaign to change this.

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One Response to An Afternoon of Theatre

  1. Meredith says:

    Good luck with your campaign. I want “internet” and “ew” before repooping, but whatever floats your boat.

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