Disregard the Background Noise

Maybe my co-workers and I are strange, but bathroom etiquette is a reoccurring conversation topic at my office. Perhaps the fascination started when we discovered that two ladies from a neighboring office always went to the bathroom together and continued whatever conversation they were engaged in while they were using the bathroom. The bathroom has three stalls, and it was more than a little weird to be in the middle stall while the infamous bathroom buddies were in stalls 1 and 3. I always wanted to join the conversation, but I found I never really had opinions on the conversation topics I overheard (i.e. Longaberger Baskets, college-age children). Pity.

Unfortunately, one of the bathroom buddies stopped working in the building. That era is over.

However, there are other awkward restroom topics to discuss. First on the list:  individuals who continue cell phone conversations during pit stops.

I just don’t get it. I realize I lack coordination, but I can’t really figure out the logistics. I’m also about 98% sure I’d drop my phone in the toilet if I tried to talk and go at the same time. Plus, the person on the other end of the conversation would undoubtedly ask “what’s that noise?” Then I’d have to confess my location or make up some bogus story such as “I’m at a NASCAR race” or “I recently took a job at a nuclear power plant.” And both of those circumstances are highly unlikely.

After discussing this matter with a co-worker, I received a text with a website. I went to the website and saw this:

A bathroom equipped with a wall phone! The picture was on a real estate website, so the sellers may consider the phone to be an important feature of the house. Buyers who wouldn’t normally consider the house may suddenly see the benefits of a bathroom wall phone and take the real estate “plunge.”

It’s multi-tasking at its finest.

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