Refrigerator Update

My efforts to consume all produce in the fridge have been very successful. I didn’t really have any doubt. If there’s one thing I do well, it’s consume produce. The head of cauliflower and three stalks of broccoli disappeared last night. I may have been the culprit.

I have a good feeling about today. I think it’s going to be a “day for the underdog.” Why? Because last night the underdog beat Bobby Flay in Iron Chef AND Throwdown. This rarely happens, despite the fact that I cheer on the underdog in these shows as if it were a sporting event. Two wins in one night has to mean fabulous news is just around the corner!

In other news, I gathered all my laundry off my bedroom floor and lugged it down to the basement. When I put it in the washer, I heard a loud-ish CLUNK. I investigated, and realized I’d also gathered a shoe and had attempted to wash it in the washing machine. Good thing I investigated.

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