Yet Another Holiday

I like to stick with what I know. And I know brussels sprouts. I know them quite well. I know them so well that two ladies have stopped me in Hy-Vee (on two separate occasions) to ask me what I was going to do with the large quantity of sprouts in my grocery cart. I said I was going to make them for my family. The two ladies were not informed that “family” = me.

Fat Tuesday is about indulging oneself with the good things in life. So, I didn’t hold back on the sprouts tonight. I went all out. I would have taken a picture of my giant sprout supper, but (1) I’d probably get a phone call from my mom warning me of the “effect” of eating that many sprouts, and (2) I’ve taken far too many pictures of brussels sprouts. Some people take many pictures of their small children or pets — I photograph my vegetables. That’s just weird.

I’m leaving for vacation on Friday. So I needed to eat my brussels sprouts to make sure they didn’t become refrigerator rot while I’m gone. My sprouts are all gone, so I now have 2 1/2 days to eat one head of cauliflower, one 2-pound bag of carrots, one bunch of broccoli, some celery, and several sweet potatoes. I’m totally up to the challenge.

It’s snowing. I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me is not pleased. The other part of me says, “Bring it, Mother Nature — I’m headed to Georgia in 2 2/1 days!” Then, I’ll call everyone I know in Iowa and say “neener. neener. neener.” I think they’ll get my drift. 

Sometimes I chuckle at my own bad jokes. Even I didn’t really chuckle at that drift joke.

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2 Responses to Yet Another Holiday

  1. Sara says:

    Laura, I have a question about your brussel sprouts. I haven’t been buying them lately because all they’ve had at the store is the gigantic ones. ARe those good? I suspect they’re not good, so I don’t get them. BUt I don’t know why I think that. ARe the big ones still as tasty as the smalelr ones?

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